Drik Audio Visual

Drik Audio Visual (AV)

Drik Audio Visual (AV) Department covers the entire spectrum of productions from social documentaries to advertising and promotional videos and caters for a wide range of clients. Digital technology utilised in video production makes this department dynamic with strengthened capability to produce on the fly, and to cover critical social issues that would not normally be undertaken by commercial production units.


Short documentaries about the urban poor, slum eviction, educational films for children, promotional videos for NGOs and advertising for multinational companies as well as in-depth investigative reports requiring careful research are all part of the unit’s repertoire.


  •  Documentary production
  • Promotional videos
  • TVC
  • Short film
  • Renting of sound studio and equipment
  • Live online video streaming and video conference
  • Training on audio visual
  • Digitisation
  • Stock footage
  • Music composition
  • Audio recording and audio dubbing
  • Script writing, narration, animation, subtitle, transcription, light and fixer

The Team:

Md. Kamal Hossen

Tapash Paul (Team Leader)

Zabid Al Muttaki



Lan Phone:+880-2-8141817

Email: office@drik.net

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