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Unwritten Histories
Lucía Chiriboga
Animas-Anónimas, Quito, Ecuador 2003

In the background of this photograph "Animas Anónimas" lies memory, a portrait of 1880 of indigenous children with a past of exclusion. In the first plane, present times, my picture of an Indian child who glances upward, with hope and dreams.

These photographs reveal my two passions: my research of early Ecuadorian historical portraits of indigenous people and the powerful presence of these same communities, which have shaped my life and my country, Ecuador.

For a long time I have travelled around the Ecuadorian territory searching for old and forgotten pictures, creating an archive of pictures that dates from 1850 to our days; Historical photographs have entered my soul.

My other passion, at the same time, is to travel throughout the Andean countries and take my own pictures. Behind my photographs and travels, is the search of a place for myself and a world where I could feel part of.

One day, while developing pictures in the dark room, "Animas Anónimas", the present picture came out, it came from behind – by means of this double exposure – memory and my passion on photography was revealed. It is just a picture or the search for a life and country more equal, where we could all live.